The Secrets of Weather Workshop


Understand weather from scratch


Learn the basic weather concepts


Learn to interpret nature's signs and to forecast the weather

Identify clouds and predict their evolution


Experiment weather at small scale


Impress your friends when you forecast weather yourself

Would you like to understand how weather works? Learn to make your own weather forecasts just by looking at nature's signs. Or why not understand what they're talking about on TV, during weather forecasts - fronts, low and high pressure, cyclones and anticyclones, winds... Learn to identify clouds for your next cloudspotting session and know how weather will change just by looking at them! Initiate yourself in Weather forecasting through simple experiments and with simple explanations.
Have you ever wondered how they are predicting weather on TV? Have you been fascinated by all that weather talk you've been hearing - such as anti-cyclones, prevailing winds, weather fronts, air masses...? Now is your chance to understand all of that! And everything through simple experiments that we will do and explain together.

I will teach you how to identify clouds, and thus to impress your friends when you will predict, in advance, that rain or a storm will be coming! Stratus, cirrus, cumulonimbus - all will start having a meaning for you, and you will be the best during your next cloudspotting session.

How to predict weather just by looking at nature? You will know how to answer this question and plenty of others, and you will know how to explain it!

Weather is amazing! Understanding how it works, and especially how to forecast it by yourself with nature's signs - is just overwhelming!

In function of the weather and season, the location of the workshop will vary (indoors during cold winters and rainy days, and outdoors during nice summer days).

And if you like workshops, did you know that we have another one, Learn the Aurora, which is focused on the discovery and understanding of the Northern Lights (and it has even an online version)?

📆 Period:
all year round
🕗 Start time:
Announced later
📌 Location:
Varies in function of the number of participants, their accommodation and season
About 3h
🚸 Activity type:
Group (2-12 persons)
Private (unlimited)
🚶 Difficulty:


Base price* 690 NOK

*Base price includes:
- taking part in the activity,
- taking part at the experiments

*Base price does not include:
- picking you up and dropping you off at your accommodation,
- extras mentioned on the price breakdown,
- snacks or beverages,
- other special equipment you might need,
- personal expenses

Workshop location Announced later