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Aurora Labs’ New Safety Information Film

🇬🇧🇺🇸 Have a look at the new safety information film, in order to carry out a perfect activity in the Arctic with Aurora Labs, during your trip to Vadsø, in Northern Norway!

The French version is also available (scroll below)!

🇫🇷 Voici le nouveau film de consignes de sécurité, afin de réaliser vos activités sereinement en Arctique avec Aurora Labs, lors de votre voyage à Vadsø, au Nord de la Norvège !

La version en anglais est disponible egalement.

Acknowledgements and credits / Remerciments et credits:

Presenter/Présentatrice: Mégane Dubessay
Directed by/Réalisation: Sergiu Curelea
Video production/Production: Patrick Sérole, Sergiu Curelea
Post-processing/Montage vidéo: Sergiu Curelea
Text/Texte: Patrick Sérole
Music/Musique: Adam Vitovsky – “Stratosphere”
Copyright © 2021 Aurora Labs A/S

Aurora Labs Northern Lights

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤💚

From the Land of the Northern Lights, Aurora Labs is wishing you lots of love, next to your Valentine! Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️💚


En cette belle journée de Saint Valentin, Aurora Labs vous souhaite beaucoup d’amour du Pays des Aurores Boréales ! ❤️💚

Aurora Labs Northern Lights Science Space weather

Aurora Labs’ Brand-New Aurora Forecast 5.0 App

I am proud to present you the brand-new Aurora Forecast 5.0 app with its new features, that I have designed for Aurora Labs! Now it’s possible to choose a location or to even geolocalise yourself, in order to find out the current weather and auroral conditions in your area and to determine if it’s possible to see the Aurora! Now it’s very easy and fun to see if you should go out (or not) to hunt the Northern Lights, thanks to the colour coded tiles in the app! And no, you don’t need to know what is Bz, Kp, Bt, …

All the necessary data for forecasting and preparing your next Northern Light hunt – handy, in one single place, in this new app from Aurora Labs! Absolutely free and no ads!

Aurora forecast for the next few minutes for both Northern and Southern hemispheres, live Kp and solar wind data, 3 days Kp forecast, live Sun images and current and scheduled cloud coverage for the next few hours in multiple regions!

Don’t miss the magnificent Northern Lights when you’re out and about here in the Arctic! Hunt the Northern Lights professionally!

…And travel to the Arctic differently!

Aurora Labs Northern Lights

Happy New Year! 🎆

Wishing you an amazing 2021 from the amazing Land of the Northern Lights! 😊🎆🎈🎀🎄🥂✨🎉🦌

Happy New Year! ✨🥂🎀🎈🎆

Aurora Labs Vadsø

Vadsø Sky Lights

During autumn, a typical day here in Vadsø starts with the Sun rising in the morning, just like anywhere else on Earth. But, after just a few hours of daylight, during which beautiful clouds color the heavens in white and greyish shades… it’s time for the Sun to set around noon, in its typical red and yellow sights, making room for the polar blue evenings.

And a short while after that… the amazing night show starts! Northern Lights turn the sky green, and, along with the stars and the Milky Way, they create an outworldly atmosphere, and you can easily imagine you’re… well… somewhere out of this world! Yes, it’s that beautiful!

Just look at my new video and picture yourself here, in the Arctic wilderness, with your head turned up towards the heavens, and just start dreaming!