Aurora Labs Vadsø

Aurora Labs’ New Safety Information Film

🇬🇧🇺🇸 Have a look at the new safety information film, in order to carry out a perfect activity in the Arctic with Aurora Labs, during your trip to Vadsø, in Northern Norway!

The French version is also available (scroll below)!

🇫🇷 Voici le nouveau film de consignes de sécurité, afin de réaliser vos activités sereinement en Arctique avec Aurora Labs, lors de votre voyage à Vadsø, au Nord de la Norvège !

La version en anglais est disponible egalement.

Acknowledgements and credits / Remerciments et credits:

Presenter/Présentatrice: Mégane Dubessay
Directed by/Réalisation: Sergiu Curelea
Video production/Production: Patrick Sérole, Sergiu Curelea
Post-processing/Montage vidéo: Sergiu Curelea
Text/Texte: Patrick Sérole
Music/Musique: Adam Vitovsky – “Stratosphere”
Copyright © 2021 Aurora Labs A/S

Nature Weather


Frost is a typical phenomenon occurring here in the Arctic. It is a thin layer of icy crystals on solid surfaces. It forms when outside temperatures are cold, which determines the water vapor in the air to freeze.

Frost is a rather common sight in Arctic regions, and it creates a kind of fantasy world, in which everything sparkles due to these ice crystals, creating at the same time amazing opportunities for photographers!

Have you taken cool photos of frost? Check out a few photos of frost taken by myself, here in Vadsø:

The frozen island of Vadsøya, overlooking the coastal town of Vadsø
Frosty bush on Vadsøya island
Frost on branches (detail)
A frosty wonderland
Frosty branches pointing at the cloudy sky, during the civil twilight