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Aurora Labs’ Brand-New Aurora Forecast 5.0 App

I am proud to present you the brand-new Aurora Forecast 5.0 app with its new features, that I have designed for Aurora Labs! Now it’s possible to choose a location or to even geolocalise yourself, in order to find out the current weather and auroral conditions in your area and to determine if it’s possible to see the Aurora! Now it’s very easy and fun to see if you should go out (or not) to hunt the Northern Lights, thanks to the colour coded tiles in the app! And no, you don’t need to know what is Bz, Kp, Bt, …

All the necessary data for forecasting and preparing your next Northern Light hunt – handy, in one single place, in this new app from Aurora Labs! Absolutely free and no ads!

Aurora forecast for the next few minutes for both Northern and Southern hemispheres, live Kp and solar wind data, 3 days Kp forecast, live Sun images and current and scheduled cloud coverage for the next few hours in multiple regions!

Don’t miss the magnificent Northern Lights when you’re out and about here in the Arctic! Hunt the Northern Lights professionally!

…And travel to the Arctic differently!

Aurora Labs Northern Lights Space weather

Aurora Labs’ New App

Meet Aurora Labs’ brand new Android app! Aurora Forecast brings you the forecasting of Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis right at your fingertips! In the app’s easy to use and light interface, forecasting the Northern Lights and checking the current space weather conditions have never been easier!

The new app is available on the Google Play store, for the moment on Android devices, and is completely free and contains no ads! And you can choose English or French for its interface!

Get it on Google Play

You think the Northern Lights season is over, now that the Midnight Sun is slowly taking over the night sky? Think again!😉 There are always Northern Lights here at Aurora Labs! The Aurora is there, up in the sky, even in summer – it’s just that you can’t see it because of the continuous sunlight! But you can hear it with me if you come here in Vadsø! So, my app is useful even in summer!

In addition, if you live in more southern latitudes (…or more northern latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere!), and nights are still dark, you might have a chance for a geomagnetic storm! And with our app you might be able to see if that happens! And who knows, you might see, even a glimpse of the Northern (or Southern) Lights!

So go ahead and give it a try! And if you need help in interpreting the info, head over to the Aurora Forecast page on the Aurora Labs website, for a quick introduction. Or, if you’d like to understand everything there is about the Aurora and space weather, why not take my Learn the Aurora Online workshop right from the comfort of your own home?

And if you have any suggestions for the app, drop me a line! I’ll try to update it as often and as best as I can 😊And don’t hesitate to rate it on Google Play and help it to become known!

Enjoy! 😊