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Aurora Labs’ New Ad

I created a new ad for Aurora Labs, which is currently featured on the Facebook page as cover video! Check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂🥳💚

Oh, and make sure you check out my YouTube channel for other cool videos from Aurora Labs!

By Sergiu

I accomplished my dearest dream, to be a Northern Lights hunter in the Arctic. In fact, my love for this region of the world is so intense, that I decided to create here Aurora Labs, to be able to carry out my activities. The beauty of the landscapes of Vadsø, the people, its tranquility, they have all marked me for life, and I realized that I never wanted to leave this place. Here is my "home". And what I want more than anything, is to induce you, at least part of this love, thanks to my activities that are unique in the world. Check out my website and see what we can do together if you decide to visit me here in Finnmark in Northern Norway (among others, you can experience the Northern Lights, even in summer!)

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